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Saturday, January 26, 2008

deng, these lists are real good so far.. i'll have enough baby-making music to start a whole new family of little marc's running around.. haha.. SYKE FOR REALS on the family thing. ya'll know im not lookin for that! shiiiitt.. but really. HELLA good stuff guys. alright, my turn to add some goodies! turn the lights down low and light some candles, cause its about to get hot n steamy!

"Gettin' It Mix" [no particular order]
112 // You Already Know
* Adina Howard // T-shirt And My Panties On
* Avant // Making Good Love
Jodeci // Freakin' You
Montel Jordan // Get It On Tonight
Mya // It's All About Me ft. Sisqo
Ne-Yo // Mirror
R. K
elly // Feelin' On Your Booty
Silk-E-Fyne // Romeo And Juliet
J. Holiday // Bed [remix] ft. Trey Songz
Usher // That's What It's Made For

"Midnight Mix" [no particular order]
Az Yet // Last Night
* Babyface
// When Your Body Gets Weak ft. Az Yet
Genuwine // So Anxious
Keith Sweat // Nobody
Kevon Edmonds // Move It Slow
Ready For The World // Let Me Love You Down
Usher // Do It To Me
Boyz II Men // I'll Make Love To You
Marvin Gaye // Let's Get It On
* Maroon 5 // Secret
R. Kelly // Down Low ft. Robert Isley [oh shit! this is for that booty call ;) ]

* - suggested downloads

whew! i almost took myself to bed cause that list got so hot.. "uh uhhhh..." ..although i did suggest certain ones for DL, i also suggest just DLing them all if you don't got it. okay, now go make some babies! juuusst kidding.. just get some :)

[off topic] i don't know about cha'll.. but im ready for the next topic: rules and regulations for a Booty Call.


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