Thursday, February 21, 2008

i hope everyone's not too busy for another set of questions?! i'm sure you all have noticed how we have been neglecting our Real Talk sessions. With that said, here are the questions!

1. What "line" would you accept if a person from the opposite sex were to approach you? (sky's the limit, so please list as many as you can)

2. What lines would you NOT consider acceptable if approached by the opposite sex? (Generally, for the ladies, what horrible lines have been used on you?)

3. If you were approached by the opposite sex and after they introduced themselves he/or she offered you their number, would you:

a.take it
b.take it and hand him/her yours
c.none of the above

4. You're in the get-to-know stage of conversing with a prospect. Somehow, their roster (ppl they've slept with) has come into par and the number is significantly higher than yours. What are your thoughts?

5. What are you a sucker for when it comes to the opposite sex? (e.g. something about them, something they wear, or something they do that makes you attracted to them)

There. That'll keep you guys busy. Please contact me if you have a question about my questions. Also, please listen to "Make Love in this Club" by Usher. It's my new BED song. AND another few notes, Erykah Badu's album New Amerykah comes out Tuesday, Feb. 26 and Usher's album comes out either in March or May; get 'em! Be on the look out for Musiq Soulchild's new album and Common's new album this year! And, that was definitely a plug. I'm also doing a Snapple ad campaign and I may need some of your help.

Alright, well... (clapping hands together) Do work, homeskillets!

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Good lookin' out Steph. I have a pretty good/interesting topic but I'll wait 'til everyone posts their answers to yours.

1. This depends on how this line was.. "performed". Is that the word I'm looking for? I don't think I've gotten approached very many times with lines thrown at me..or maybe I just never noticed? But, I've told you guys about the one line that I liked and caught me off guard. It was when I went to visit Steph last summer when we were at a bar/club. "Actually, I was trying to get to you." [Let me know if you don't remember the story hahah] ahhh man. That was a good one. :)

2. The typical "Can I check your tag? -- See if you were made in heaven." "Do you have a quarter? -- So I can call my mom to tell her I've met the girl of my dreams."; lines gotta be original AND good.

3. I'd take it, for consideration of course - but not give mine. Unless I was feelin the dude/conversation.

4. Significantly higher eh? Well I know for a fact my first reaction would probably be.. daaaaammmnnn that's not hot. I would probably be surprised and grossed out. If it was someone that I liked a lot I know it'd be something to have to get over. Before we get down though his ass is getting CHECKED!

5. Well I'm sure this is one that we've all heard before, but a guy who is funny definately takes the cake. Also the way they carry themselves, how they're dressed. A motivated dude definately attracts me... their laugh, smile, and clean fingernails attract me as well. :)

Another plug, Janet Jackson's Discipline comes out on the 26th as well. Haven't heard anything about it though - whatcha think Andrew?

Sheena said...
February 21, 2008 at 6:27 PM  

1. the line: "before you say anything, can you hold my hand? you know, in case i get lost in your eyes" BAM! actually i just made that one up, but if a girl said that to me, id be grinning from ear to ear!

2. not acceptable?
line: "hi my personality is ugly."
line: "hi, wanna buy me a drink?"
line: "hi, i take it up the.." SLAP from me.

3. i would (a)take it, not give mine until she earns it.

4. thought: "foreal?! im gonna catch something. *cough* shit, i think i got AIDS already from just talking to you" please get checked. thank you.

5. alrite, this list can go on for days.. but ill narrow it down somehow.
she's gotta be FUNNY. a girl who makes me smile is awesome in my book. she's ACTIVE. willing to go snowboarding[!] or hiking, or just outdoors. her LOOK. meaning her smile, and eyes. I have a soft spot in my heart for cute smiles and eyes. gaaah! my hearts melting just thinking about it.

There ya go, and yes I've listened to Usher's new song. I have to turn the radio off cause they play it here so much.. and SNAPPLE?! mmmm.. Yummy. can we get free snapple?! oh SNAP[ple]! Good questions BTW, especially the last one. what are YOUR answers, hmmmm?


marcjames said...
February 22, 2008 at 1:55 AM  

1. come to think of it, i don't do lines. he just has to have that vibe or "swagg" for me to approach him. cause if he approached me, i'd feel as if there's no challenge in that. unless, he says hello or something and walks away... which would then make me want him more. now, THAT has to be complicated.

2. "can i ask for your opinion?"----helllll no.

3. i'd take it.

4. yea it's the past. but i'd casually slip in the question if he's ever gotten tested.

5. beanies kinda on but not. Ooo fuck. a nice smile/teeth. and his fit. outfit. mmmph

Steph said...
February 23, 2008 at 1:01 PM  

hhmm...pretty good questions.

what line would i accept? funny but true story-ive never been hit on..that i know of...its usually.."hi my name is so and so"

not acceptable? i dont know..sometimes being too blunt is a bad thing..like if she just walked up to me an was like "i wanna..etc" HAHA

if i was handed a number by the opposite sex, would i take it? most likely BUT not give my number..FOR A RAINY DAY...and if anything were to happen, it would be on my time..not theirs...

shit, if tha girl got more slashes on her wall then me, i dont wanna know who, when, why, or where...cuz its not like im an angel either..i get tested, she better get tested.

im a sucker for open toed heels and pretty toes...YES I LIKE FEET..but that dont mean ill suck/lick on them..they have to be funny and be able to take a joke..i mean cmon..when the fuck am i serious? haha..down for whatever, flexible (willing to change plans at short notice), and knows how to manage her time. physically, i like lips, and eyes (facial) and i like a nice proportionate body...i mean if ur 5ft and have some d's-not very attractive....

since yall plugged music ill add=ushers new song make love in the club (steph alreadry talked about) is a dope ass track...the only way i hear it is on frans page..other then that...I HAVE NO MUSIC SOURCE...it takes way to long to download out here so that makes youtube pointless..so i hope someone can help a brotha out and make some tracks for me for when i get back...please and thank you

joey j said...
February 25, 2008 at 5:49 AM  

1. selling candy of any sort would be dope as fuck but like joe said i've never been hit on (or never realized)

2. ^ refer to previous answer, but anything too vulgar and i'd wonder what diseases she carries.

3. (a.) take it. why not?

4. answering this question truthfully i'd say i could really give a shht but, i guess it's really have to happen for me to know. i'd also "slip it in" steph. (=

5. why don't i jump on the otherside of this and share what i DON'T like: arrogance and ignorance, no rhythm (take that how you will), dirt under her fingernails or any other trait that she doesn't take care of herself. people who don't like being spontaneous. on the flip side dancing/singing multiplies attractiveness for me. actually anything that shows passion for music. or a true passion for anything. also, a humble swag (oxymoronic, i know) would be dope, but the confidence without cockiness is sexy.

i'm sure #5 could be it's own discussion so i'll stop there because my add would segue into various territories and we'd be getting weird with it.

AB said...
February 25, 2008 at 1:02 PM  

i think we're waiting for jenna and janelle's perspective. but so good so far guys. especially, dru. hahaha. slip it in... crazy ass.

Steph said...
February 26, 2008 at 12:52 AM  

1. I agree with sheena.. depends on how they come forth about it.. but i haven't had a guy catch my attention on a line.. so I can't really say whats approachable. Plus for someone to have me all "awww'd" over them.. I think they would be more MAN enough to skip the whole line gettin. REAL MEN should know what they want.. and how to get it !

2. What's not accepted are corny ones like.. " do you know how much a polar bear weights? NO? enough to break the ice.. hi my name is... " omg.. seriously? funny but actually.. he deserves to get punched for that ! haha.

3. IF i was single.. i'd take it.. only to be nice and not to make them look stupid. Then i would tell them i'm from san diego and give him my number.. which is... 619-801-5412. if you don't know it. call it ! hahaha.

4. Its their past and there isn't anything we can do about it.. I'd definately wanna know if they've been tested though and if he's really into you and respects you.. I'm sure he'd say it before getting down and dirty

5. I'm a sucker for someone who has a great personality, meaning they know how to make me laugh and is always on the same page with me. gets along with my friends. who's good with kids. very family oriented. is goal driven and has ambitions in life. someone who has a full set of lipps and licks thems. hahaha. ugh the list can continue.

jae said...
February 26, 2008 at 5:15 PM  

OH MAN!! I'm so pissed! I just wrote up this full-blown comment and then the laptop died and now it's gone! Oh well..take two..

1. I don't think there is a line I would accept from a guy because a) the line is unbelievably cliche or b) the total opposite. (In which case I wouldn't recognize it as a line and it would go right over my head)

2. I can't remember any lines that were used on me cause I was probably too drunk to care or I couldn't hear them.

3. I would take it. Now if you're asking if I would call him? Probably not, unless we were able to have a decent conversation and I was interested. Actually, even if I was interested I still wouldn't call..I'd maybe text him? But I would NOT give him my number just cause he gave me his.

4. At this point in my life, it wouldn't be surprising if this guy(or any guy really) had a roster that was much higher than mine. I'm okay with that. But I would be wondering in what situations some of these occured- were they in relationships? One-night stands? or what? I would also be wondering if this person has been checked recently and hope that they don't have any damn STD's! And, to be completely honest, if I did find out this other person's number and it was high, I would most likely play harder to get..you know.. they would have to WORK to get into these pants! Do work son! hahaha!

5. And finally..I like a guy who is funny (but not too sarcastic cause that gets annoying). The faint smell of their cologne..mmm..their eyes, smile, the way they dress, their shoes, and a guy's hands are the first impression-type things I notice right away. I like a guy who isn't too agressive, can hold a conversation, and really listens. I have this thing for guys who are into sports, or music, or both. Definitely a guy who is intelligent and has ambitions. Independence is a must. I love guys who are gentlemen and still believe in a little chivalry. I think someone who can hang in ANY situation/environment- whether its a black-tie affair or a sports bar scene or at home with my nieces- is UNBELIEVABLY attractive.

Yup..I think I'll stop there. I've done this twice already, plus the list can go on for awhile..

Jenna said...
March 3, 2008 at 5:23 PM  

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