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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Woot Wooooot! Here we go again ladies and gents, its that time of the year again. Everyone has been doing their own thing lately and not much REAL TALK has been discussed. It seems most of our questions have been answered already and since this site hasn't been updated lately, I'm guessing everyones been doing pretty good with the "love life," yes-no? Well, let me get everyone up to date here on my "status"..

I have been in a relationship for "over a year" (in quotes because it wasnt technically OFFICIAL until november.. blah blah blah, but we started seeing eachother last May '08) and things are good as usual. We have the little fights normal couples have every now and then, but we learn from them and move on. Because we live so close to eachother, we spend A LOT of time together. If I'm not working, in class or hanging out with the guys (NGA nite, no girls allowed nite :D), I'm with her, unless we both decide we need some time away from eachother but that doesn't happen very often.

The reason I have jump-started this site again is for one particular question, but I've come up with another (and maybe a few more if I can think of them) just now. So the first question:
We might have mentioned this earlier, too lazy to scroll around and find it.. but What makes two people an "official" couple? Does the guy seriously HAVE to ask the girl

"Will you be my girlfriend?"
"Can we be boyfriend and girlfriend now?"

I thought that stuff stays in junior/high school. I'm asking because when we first started "dating", everyone was all "Are you guys official?!" or "Are you bf & gf now?!" blah blah blah.. Does there still need to be a SPECIFIC DATE as to when things started? I guess anniversary wise it makes sense, but I just hated getting bombarded by these silly questions of putting an exact date on everything. Almost pressured into a relationship.. what do you think?

Second Question (main question):
Im in a relationship, but I am young still (24 is young still!!! shut up you people in your Jordan year!). Eventually in my life when I am fully done with school (maybe even sooner, I dont know really) and just working to make a career, I want some time alone.. meaning my "bachelor time" but that doesnt mean im going to go around and sleep with random girls, I just dont want to be "tied down" in a sense, I want to be able to go out whenever I want, have friends over, talk to anyone I want, and if one chat leads to another, then so be it. BUT! Again, I am NOT doing this to just sleep with other women. I just dont want that "tied down" feeling. I'll be done with school, working on a career, starting the next chapter in my life, and I just want to start out fresh. Is it horrible of me to just leave the relationship I am in to have "my time" or is it ok? I mentioned it to her awhile back and she understood, but of course women say that and could mean something else.

So lemme know what you guys think. Hope everyone is doing alright with life!

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