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Sunday, June 1, 2008

i think we've been talking about relationships and dating for too long now. we need a break. we're single and should embrace it. yea yea, there will be time to meet someone... but for the meantime... let's enjoy the art of not having to deal with petty fights, routine calls to "see what (they or you) are doing", having to make your schedule to what best fits with them, and whatever you would like to add. anybody want to list of things they DON'T MISS about relationships? and what they love about being single? hahaha. i just thought we'd change it up a bit. i'm not bitter, i'm just thinking about VEGAS. well kinda. tonight i was at a friend's graduation party and overheard some couple argue about something really small. there was also a couple in which the girlfriend was following him around EVERYWHERE. he was talking to me for a bit and then she pops out of nowhere. she knew people there but it was like a leech. yikes. anyways, HAPPY JUNE everybody!

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Hahahah.. sounds like you're bitter. I know you're not though.

Anyway, I think it's a good time for a break from the subject of relationships.. even though we've barely posted the past couple of weeks.

HAPPY JUNE, indeed.

This month is already going by fast.. it's crazy! Jenna's graduation is coming up! So is Marc & Stephanie's. Before you know it.. it's summer, my birthday, drunk of July, I mean 4th of July... and then!!


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