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Monday, February 11, 2008

Virgo: The Selective One
Virgo can shut himself off from the world, but most of the time he seems outgoing and friendly. Though his quick, funny comebacks aren't meant to hurt, these comments can sometimes be construed as sarcastic or biting. Don't read too much into it. Virgo is more likely to mock himself than to put the joke on you. In fact, Virgo's worst enemy is himself. He has to be especially careful to treat himself well and not to wander down the path of self-pity. True, he bounces back quickly, and chances are good that you won't have to see his super ego-sensitive side. He'll just disappear when he's angry. Also, Virgo is apt to keep his self-perceived faults under wraps.

Sagittarius: The Renaissance Man (or Woman)
Learning something new is like breathing. She craves adventure and intense experiences. Buy here's the paradox. She may want to skydive, sail, learn foreign languages, conquer new worlds, yet all the while she's looking for a partner who's something of an opposing force--one who will balance her out. In other words, Sagittarius wants to shine, and she needs someone who'll let her, who'll come along for the ride of a lifetime and stand next to her with a quiet strength. The perfect Sag partner has to be a tough cookie, laugh at all her jokes, and have fun with her. For Sag, a boring life with her work or with a love partner is like not living at all.

Leo: The Generous Lion
There's almost no one as generous as Leo the Lion. In fact, she's much more comfortable giving than getting. The Lion will also spend when she has the chance, buying gifts for herself and for others without waiting for a holiday or any specific reason. Returning the favor with a gift will be nice for Leo, and she'll probably adore you for it. However, the one thing that she wants more than anything is your appreciation and devotion. She needs to be respected and admired. In fact, she'll gravitate toward you if you can give her this without ceremony.

Cancer: The Expansive Heart
Cancer has so much to give. Truly, she's got a heart of gold. She's also surprisingly outgoing and independent-- and she's able to show the world what she's made of. In fact, she's definitely not the wallflower some astrologers make her out to be! She's a cardinal sign-- meaning, of course, that she secretly likes to dominate. In other words, you won't see Cancer bowing to another sign. She's regal. She knows how to turn things around to her advantage. Cancer has the world at her fingertips. How she chooses to use this awesome power depends on her.

Gemini: The Born Storyteller
No one can tell a story like a Gemini. She'll have everyone in the room hanging on every word. Of course, every tale is a little bit better when it's changed, exaggerated, and embellished. Actually, it may just be complete blarney. But that's okay. That's what's expected from Gemini. It's part of her charm. Gemini can easily charm people of the opposite sex, true. She gets bored easily. She changes her mind constantly and expects you to keep up. She also get distracted when the conversation doesn't revolve around something she's interested in. Gemini also forgives and forgets faster than any other sign. No one is ever bored with the erratic Twin.

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im not a big reader of astrology, but is this implied for both genders? cause i dont enjoy telling stories, and i dont forgive and forget easily.. unless something better distracts me. everything else is true i guess.. but they forgot one thing.

Gemini: BOMB in the form of marc.



marcjames said...
February 11, 2008 at 3:12 PM  

Crazy. The description of a Virgo hella fits Andrew.. and somewhat fits Joey too, but more Andrew I think. Leo hella fits Jenna and Gemini hella fits Steph..and maybe not so much Marc.. well, just this particular description.

I don't really read into astrology as much as Steph does but I do read about it from time to time. I often start to wonder...what if I'm just trying to find things to make this true? Kind of a good question to ponder - but it's kinda nice to agree to the nice things those things say about you. :)

Sheena said...
February 13, 2008 at 10:54 AM  

well i'd like to first say


but only because i guess i'm pretty much that description AND i don't read into astrology or anything.

i think the traits can fall over into others since the definitions can be broad

that's all i got.

AB said...
February 14, 2008 at 1:35 AM  

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