Calling All Booties..?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Alright, so I didn't even bother to Google or Wikipedia the subject at hand because ya'll have already put that shit down clearly. So let me get this right; no public meetings, no "dates", no sleep overs, be open & know that there is nothing else to it except sex, no calls before 9pm.. etc, etc. The thing that I thought was pretty interesting was that "doggie style" was preferred. That's fucked up, hahahha but I could see how that would make a lot more sense. Not saying that I wouldn't enjoy it though.. but I'm also not saying that that's my favorite position either... ookaaaaaaay I probably shouldn't have said any of that, hahahah oh well. :)

Anyway, I'm not sure if I might've passed this up, but it is definately a 'no-no' when it comes to friends and booty calls, right? I think that would be kinda awkward anyways. And also, I imagine that people would prefer that their booty call(s) are with people they don't always see or even hang out, or even some random person they had just met. Since it's part of the "rules" that you aren't allowed to ask how many people they've been with, how are you gonna know that they don't have an STD or something? Yeah, you had better be safe and wrap up all that, but if something were to go down.. oooooo wee, you're screwed.

So that is my really short intake on booty calls. Thanks for all the research ya'll did, I found it very humerous and intriguing. I'm not sure that I'll be taking action anytime soon, but at least I'll have a heads up on knowing what to do in case something ever came up, haha! I know that some of you are out and about right now, and you had better be using all this useful information to get some! *Ahem Andrew & Marc* Sorry I didn't hang out tonight, but I'm in Silverdale soo come back tomorrow and we'll go to the Bistro! Hahah okay peace out dudes!

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